20 May 2013

Nice, France walk

This morning Shelley and I went for a walk. In the afternoon she felt like relaxing and felt like walking some more so today I decided to explore the perimeter of my new neighborhood some on foot.

Next to our apartment in the old downtown of Nice there is Castle Hill which I had already been up twice but it's so cool I went up again. Ten I dropped down to the port of Nice and went up the hill on the other side. I was hoping to make it to the top of the hill but did not find any obvious paths up there so eventually just turned around and took an intentionally circuitous route back home.

Of course it's beautiful here, c'mon! The architecture is so old and the streets so narrow and the gardens so beautiful.


It was much fun to amble around with just shorts and sandals. Freedom!

Here are all the pictures and video. The wave break outside of the port was intense! Check this out.

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