15 May 2013

Things I have learned while in Corsica.

With the first half of our French vacation wrapping up I thought it would be fun to note some of the things I have learned while in Corsica, France.

  • Tanning. It appears to be far more than a leisure activity here, more like a national obligation. Combine that with the already olive/brown skin of Corsicans and most everyone here looks like well done toast.
  • Parking. Just do it. In the four days we have been here, I have only seen one car with a parking ticket on the windshield and for the most part the police just don't appear to care what you do. You can park around corners, in the entrance to an alley, double park, park on the sidewalk, in crosswalks, even on top of traffic islands.
  • Scarves. You need to wear one. While at a cafĂ©, Shelley and I saw a family of four ALL WITH SCARVES. The youngest son was perhaps four years old and just chewing on his but hey, he wasn't trying to take it off.
  • Wine. It's okay to have a glass at 11:00 AM. Ditto for beer.
  • The same goes for breakfast. What's the rush?
  • Scooters and motorcycles don't seem to be governed by the same traffic laws as automobiles. I constantly see them crossing the center line to pass cars, driving on sidewalks, passing on the right; it's pretty exciting to watch.
  • All caned beverages are served with a glass. Most also come with a straw.
  • Coffee is not served in gargantuan party cups, rather it comes in little 'coffee' cups [I know, is that name coincidental or what?!] or shot glasses. And people here take about the same amount of time to consume this quantity of coffee as most American's require to drain their Trenta beverage.
  • Did I mention that Corsica doesn't have the same obesity problem as America?
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