08 May 2013

rehab | core | bike commute | treadmill run

First things first. I had an awesome run today. It was my longest and fastest by far since my ankle injury.

in fact, it was so awesome I am convinced the treadmill I was on malfunctioned. See below for more sensationalized details.

At the gym this morning I did my usual dynamic rehab and core. In spite of having a bit too much to drink last night and not getting enough sleep my workout was quite reasonable. Nice.

But I was pouring sweat for some reason. My gym really has very few fans come to think of it and I am hopping around a ton doing my rehab session so maybe it's just normal.

Core was average/normal as was my commute so let's talk treadmill run.

I felt AMAZING. So amazing that I am convinced the treadmill had me running downhill even though the display said I was on flat ground.

I started out at 7:30 thinking I would leave it there but it was so damn easy I started speeding up the pace every couple of minutes. AND THE EFFORT BARELY GOT ANY HARDER. So I just kept on going. The last 10 minutes I clicked the pace up every minute and the last three minutes I clicked it up every 30 seconds and I finished doing 5:30 for the last 60 seconds.

That pace should be quite hard for me but today it was just a moderate effort. I was absolutely floating along.

I have been doing lots of fast feet stuff in my rehab sessions and running stairs one at a time, could this be helping my foot speed? Some perhaps but this much?

I tried to adjust the incline up at first because it felt so easy and I got an error on the display. I tried eyeballing the belt to see if I was going downhill and it did not seem obvious but I felt like I was almost falling forward so who knows. The entire run the display said I was on flat ground. Maybe I just had a Chi Running moment. :)

Anyway, I am stoked. Time to run outdoors! Finally!

Sleep 5
Waking HR  
Body Weight 7:00 AM - 179 lb.
12:00 PM - 179 lb.
Body Fat 7
Workout Food water
Time of Day rehab - 5:30 AM
core - 6:00 AM
elliptical trainer - 12:00 PM
treadmill run - 12:20 PM
Workout Type strengthening
Weather 70, sunny the 2nd half of the day, dry, calm
fast step ups 3 x 60 sec each leg
lateral step jumps 3 x 60 sec each leg
'L' step jumps 3 x 60 sec each leg
wobble disk 60 sec each leg
ball leg lifts 3 x 20 each leg
plank 2:00, 1:00 each side
twisters 50 each side - 12 lb.
leg extensions 100
back extensions 3 x 30
push-ups 20/16/10
elliptical trainer - 13 incline, 13 resistance
treadmill - flat(?)
Time elliptical trainer - 20 min
treadmill - 30 min
Distance treadmill - 4.4 miles
Pace elliptical trainer - ramped up to 160 rpm pretty quick and held it there
treadmill - 6:49 (started at 7:30, finished at 5:30)
Equipment rehab/core - Brooks Green Silence
elliptical/treadmill - Brooks Launch
commute - Raleigh Mojave 8.0, Garmin Edge 500

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