05 June 2010

Travessia de Portugal-part 2

Here are all the pictures.

We got picked up by the event organizers at 9:00 AM, went to pick up some other clients and then headed out for the five hour drive from Lisbon to Braganca where the ride was going to start. Two coffee stops and a lunch stop (let the daily ice cream routine begin now!) later we arrived at the hotel and all the clients got to unpacking and building bikes.

Everyone was kind of giving our bike the eye and I must say, it looked great! Here it is in all it's pre-ride glory. 

As usual there were all kinds of fancy bikes in attendance. One of the staff had a single speed, one of the clients had carbon wheels and the Antonio (the organizer) had a Rohloff hub with 14 speeds. Nice. 

Build it, test ride it, attend the briefing about tomorrow's stage and hit the sheets.

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