22 March 2014

North Beacon Hill adventure run

Today was just the kind of run that I like if I have to run in the city.

I found a new paved trail, some new dirt trails, some new stairs, ran through a new (to me) neighborhood, went under and over I-5 and basically enjoyed myself. For sure part of the run was through some pretty sketchy sections of town... like the trail through The Jungle; but it was a nice day and I was already running and I'm a guy so I don't think about these things until after I'm done.

Running down Cheasty Blvd S was a blast! Back in the day I used to ride up for some big gear hill training and I never spotted the gravel path that runs along the entire length of the street. Today I was loving that path. For some reason it crosses the road two times but I wasn't fighting it. In fact, it sort of felt like I was in a toboggan run. Sort of. Except it wasn't cold. And I wasn't sliding. Other than that it was just like a toboggan.

I will need to do this route again.

My Garmin Fenix is 'in the shop' as they say and for a minute I figured today would be totally old school as in zero instrumentation. Then I remembered I had a wrist strap for my Garmin Edge 500! Whew... no gap in the stats. :)

This morning was COLD. Of course as soon as I started I realized I was overdressed. Oh well.

Sleep 6
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Breakfast 6:00 AM - apple sauce, 1 scoop protein powder, Udo's Oil, handful of walnuts, banana, tea
Workout Food  
Time of Day 12:00 PM
Workout Type endurance
Weather low to mid 40s, partly cloudy, dry, calm
Time 1:09:02
Distance 8.7 miles
Pace 7:55
Equipment Brooks Glycerin 11, Garmin Edge 500
Clothing Fitsok CF2, Brooks 5" Essential Run Short, Craft Active Classic Long Sleeve Baselayer, Brooks Podium SS shirt, Brooks Pulse Lite Glove II
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  1. That's awesome! I run around the area and knew that there was a way under I-5 around there, but could never find it. Gonna have to borrow your route. :)

  2. @Zach - those stairs up to S Columbian are pretty cool, have fun!


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