25 January 2015

Cross Country Skate Ski

Happy birthday to me!

This is what I need (read: want) to do more of. Why is this winter such crap? You need to drive for 2-5 hours just to get to skiable trails. Luckily on this day I was already in the Methow (Lucca's cabin to be precise) and so all I had to do was walk 50'. Freaking fantastic.

Today Lucca was participating in a 30 km ski race and since my skate skills are not up to that level I chose to explore and hopefully improve said skills. I had a GREAT time.

On Lucca's advice I headed out on the Community Trail and then chanced my luck on some blue trails. The conditions were pretty perfect and going at my own pace I was able to finally glide, even on the climbs. I even tackled one black run but took the easy way (for me anyway) which is downhill. And it was a ripper of a descent! I keep expecting skis to turn when you edge them and skate skis never do... :)

When I had finishing up, cleaning myself up and packing up the car I walked back to the trail to watch Lucca ski past. I also got to see the leaders. Wow!

After catching Lucca I jumped in the car and caught her one more time where the trail crosses a road and I also caught her crossing the finish. What a blast!

Tonight I met friends at Flying Lion Brewing for a couple of pints. Doing stuff you love, watching your sister do the same, good times with friends. Hard to imagine a better birthday.

Here are all the pictures and video.

Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Time of Day 9:00 AM
Workout Type  
Weather 34 degrees, some fog, calm

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