09 March 2015

I love spam

What's not to like? Easy open cans, so ultimately portable, salty meaty goodness, and it makes you feel positively patriotic to eat it.

But when I'm not clogging my arteries I can also enjoy the electronic variety. Here is a message I got just this morning.

hey martin
Hello! This is me, Olga, from Moscow! Remembered me?
How are you? Still got no message from you! I miss you actually! When we will go out for a date?
I'll be waiting for your suggestions and I hope that our meeting will happen as soon as possible!
Of course "meeting will happen" was a link to a place you don't want to visit.

Not sure why but it's vaguely reassuring to know that somewhere out there a robot is churning out millions of messages and that I'm special enough to be a recipient. Because sometimes that's all the self-actualization it takes to make my day.

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