25 March 2015

little walks around town

It's just two days after my surgery and I'm already going nuts.

ASIDE - if only one could harness this kind of pent-up energy during a regular training cycle, eh? That would be super productive.

I had an appointment with Neal Goldberg at FootWorks PT today. The premise being I wanted to talk about what I could do safely once my body was up for it. I have not done any core work in one month and am looking at another break from aerobic activity. I decided to walk downtown in part to see how I felt and also because my primary bus only runs during peak commute hours.

I walked in the door of FootWorks and the conversation went something like this.

Martin: "Hey Neal."
Neal: "Hi Martin, so you're going in for surgery Monday?"
Martin: "Uh... nope, I had it last Monday." [Martin lifts shirt to show Neal his bandage.]
Neal: "What...?!"
Martin: "Yeah, I just walked down here, I went slow and it felt okay."
Neal: [Slaps palm against forehead.]

Suffice it to say I am doing too much too soon.

It's a bummer because my surgeon never told me exactly how long to sit on the couch or how to transition off of the couch. Left to my own devices I know I tend to overdo it but why don't care providers tell you specifically how long to chill? Does everyone else just chill by default? Sucks.

After leaving FootWorks I walked SLOWLY up 1st Ave and then up Pike to grab the matinee showing of The Gunman. It was fun! The script was not up to the cast but still a good time. And I was one of THREE people in the theatre. Hahaha.

After the movie I walked SLOWLY up to The Neighbor Lady for some happy hour beers and then home.

And that is how Martin spent a sick day.

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