20 October 2010

choose carefully, please

As the mid-term election draws near I'd like to encourage everyone to get out and vote. Even if you disagree with my choices, voting your conscience – especially if you have done even a lick of research to back it up – is to be commended. Nothing worse than hearing people whine about the election results and then finding out they didn't vote...

Who does Martin endorse? Nine times out of 10 I vote for everyone and everything that The Stranger endorses. I like to pretend that I'm a fiscal conservative but really I'm all about social issues, social responsibility and and am willing to spend money to support those ideals.

Speaking of elections and campaigns, Shelley and I were watching television the other night when another Dino Rossi campaign ad graced our screen. I remarked that I could not recall the last time I saw a positive political ad. These days they all seem uber negative. Democrats too.

I suppose it could be for a couple of reasons.

  1. Fear/a crisis/sensationalism sells; pure and simple. Why say that you have been working your butt off to support the right of gays to serve openly in the military or have always been an advocate for tent city space in Seattle when it's easier to call someone a nut for making an off-hand remark about being a witch?
  2. No one really has done anything and thus has little positive to say.

In spite of the fact that modern political races seem devoid of substance, they are NOT devoid of humor as this speech will attest to.

Big time unrealized comic genius.

All I can say is Phil could not have had more perfect comedic timing if he was doing this on purpose. I lied... And is there really such a huge difference between this lunatic and people like Christine O'Donnell? Sarah Palin? Nice.

1 comment:

  1. Give that guy some lithium.

    My favorite part of election time is the Stranger's election edition... which I usually follow pretty closely it turns out.


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