10 October 2010

house plans–first draft

Yes. Last Friday Shelley and I were able to meet with our architects and see the plans they had drawn up for us.

Normally they provide three different options to clients but because of a delay they had time to produce four options for us. Nice.

Given the location of the lot in relationship to our neighbors and to the view all of the options had the house as close to the street and as tall as possible. For some reason this is not what Shelley or I were expecting but it does make sense.

Given our budget the options ranged from about 365 – 460k. And that was not including their fee so some decisions are sure to get presented to us in the near future. Honestly, I am not so worried. I think neither Shelley or I care too much about fancy finishes or fixtures or trim, etc. so hello plywood walls and floors! Budget problem solved.

This weekend we sat down and poured over each proposal and made a list of 'wants' and 'dislikes'. Tonight I'm going to meet them again and present our list so they can see what direction we are heading and then generate a design that is much closer to the final version.

Working with Daren and Lisa is fun and interesting. One of the reasons we chose them is that they have a dynamic that we feel (read: hope) will give us a house that we both will love. They do NOT always agree on stuff and frequently contradict each other but not in a combative way; more in a way that solves problems. I like that.

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