23 October 2010

Hank Sanders is still mad

So mad that he called me right here in Seattle and urged me to vote for Ron Sparks (Governor) and Jim Folsom (Lieutenant Governor). What's funny isn't that I got a call from a senator – that is unfortunately all too common these days – but that Hank Sanders isn't representing Washington, he's from ALABAMA.

Here is the voicemail.

Doing a quick web search it seems that Mr. Folsom has been getting some flack from this robocall but to his credit he said all he would change in the script was to ditch the four letter words. Nice.

I'm starting to like Jim and just wish we had more positive ads like this back here in Washington.


  1. I got the same message at my work phone. So strange.

  2. @Andrew - Hank is really reaching out! I admire his efforts. Still hate getting campaign calls tho.


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