05 April 2011

Pacific Raceways CR

Sleep 7
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Breakfast 6:00 AM – cereal
9:00 AM – yogurt
10:00 AM – almonds, 2 veggie spring rolls, water
Lunch 12:00 PM – peanut butter and jam sandwich, orange
2:00 PM – Stonewall's Jerquee, tea
2:30 PM – peanut butter and jam sandwich, tea
5:30 PM – bit of PowerBar, water
Workout Food water
Time of Day 7:00 PM
Workout Type race
Weather 50, wet, windy
Course flats
Distance 22 miles
Time race – 35 min?
Equipment Road Bike
39/53, 12-25
Neuvation wheels
Clothing Sugoi shoe covers, knee warmers, bib shorts, Craft long sleeve undershirt, short sleeve jersey, arm warmers, Curve raincoat, OR Gripper gloves, cap

I just can't seem to drag myself to the gym for core... argh. And I could not stop eating today. Impossible.

As we left Seattle it was dry and reasonable. The further south we drove the worse it got. After signing in the skies opened up but thankfully that only lasted a few minutes and mostly abated by the start. Of course if you have ever ridden at Pacific Raceways you know that it drains about as well as GORE-TEX is supposed to breathe so there was plenty of standing water. And it was still raining.

Michael P took off from the gun as is his right and I joined him. OMG did my legs feel like crap. We were joined by two others and after one pull I was forcibly relegated to the rear and we were caught as we rode down the drag strip. Michael persisted a bit longer but it did not last.

Keller Rohrback proceeded to send forth sally after sally. Amen to that. We tagged along a few times as did Starbucks. A small break took the first prime after staying off the front for almost one lap and then towards the end right after the second prime I saw an opportunity and gave it all I had.

I was joined by Mark (Starbucks) and suddenly realized I had nothing meaningful to contribute. I would pull for about 100 m and then Mark would pull 10 times as far and much faster. Damn. We did stay away for one lap and then we were joined by four(?) others but the impetus went out of the move and Starbucks chased their own team down so it was Gruppo Compacto with just over one lap to go.

Mark was amazing. After recovering for maybe 3/4 of a lap he won the final sprint. Nice. Jim F (Keller Rohrback) was on his wheel and still couldn't do anything about it. Welcome to Mark's world. I recall last year vividly when Dave or I would be right on his wheel, just waiting for him to accelerate and when he did he instantly had 30' on us. Hopeless.

I think it was good to try and blow out the carbon but it might have just delayed my recovery. I'll find out this weekend. :)

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  1. Yah, the wasn't SCCA / SBUX chasing. That was the Old Town train and the move that earned them the Epic Fail award.


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