09 April 2011

Volunteer Park CT

Sleep 6
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food water
Time of Day 10:50 AM
Workout Type race
Weather mid to upper 40s, dry, cloudy, calm
Course Volunteer Park loop clockwise
Distance total – 25 miles
race – 17 miles
Time race – 40 min
Results Masters 30+ Cat 1-2-3
official results
Equipment Road Bike
39/53, 12-25
Neuvation wheels
Clothing knit shoe covers, knee warmers, bib shorts, Craft long sleeve undershirt, short sleeve jersey, arm warmers, think gloves, cap

I had a leisurely morning. Breakfast was followed by a snack which was followed by an unhurried ride to the venue (I LOVE being able to ride to races... it simplifies so many things) followed by a moderate warm-up on roads with friends. After the race I spun a bit with Greg K, he had coffee while we talked and then I rode home. Nice.

The only bummer was I neglected to get my tire glued on so had to race on my training wheels instead of the light, carbon hoops. Oh well.

30+ is always a challenge but in a way it keeps people honest. Turns out two of Keller Rohrback's fastest riders are 30 so guess what, we had our hands full. In attendance were Greg K, Dave H (who had just finished the C/D race) and RC R.

I lined up at the front and got a good start. In fact, I did a pretty good job of staying near the front the entire race which made me feel good. It appeared that Jamie S and Ian M were holding back some in the beginning... they would bridge to moves and close gaps but they did not press any advantage until the end. I'm guessing they realized that they were pretty big fish in a rather small pond in this race. I guess it was nice of them but in the end it did not really matter.

I had my eye on Chandler L (Audi) as he is a pretty smart rider and will get into just about every move. He was also constantly at the front doing even better than me so it was a bit of a motivator. After a few laps I got in a move with a couple of other riders, It looked promising and we had a gap so we carried on but we were definitely NOT going 100 percent so I was glancing over my shoulder way too much.

In a few laps we were joined by about four other riders and I though this might work but no dice. Not sure who chased us down as I could have sworn we had most teams represented but it happened.

I was making a concerted effort to spin the smallest gear possible on the hill today to save my legs and it worked. Some guys were standing all the time and that blows me up way too fast. Call me weak.

When we did get caught Greg when with the counter. Nice. Unfortunately two of the four riders were not so into contributing and the gap did not grow as fast as I was hoping it would. With two laps to go I still held out hope that they would stay away but it was not to be.

When we swallowed them up I was trying to be up front but 10th spot is really too far back and you need to be in the top five at least. I got a tad boxed but had more left in the tank than I thought I would and managed a fair finishing effort to get 13th while passing a few riders and not getting passed myself. That's something anyway.

Up front Jamie soloed away for the win and behind him Ian got 2nd. The break blew apart on the last hill and one of the guys that had stopped pulling put in a strong effort to get third while the pack was lead in by Mike H.

I made one mistake which was not to go with Chandler when he doubled up on accelerations to get in that last break. I had just been off the front too and hesitated but I should know by now that sometimes you need to go when you are tired. If I had gone we would have had two in that move and one more engine might have helped it stay away. Live and learn.

After the race Todd G complained loudly that 30+ was not fair. I gotta say that when the categories are published and you sign up you really have no reason to complain. Sure, it's not easy but then winning should rarely be easy. Garage continues to race well and put Flavio R in the last move. I also saw him go and did not respond. I suck.

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  1. Gallaher brought your move back. Pretty much single handedly. You guys made it into the moves you needed to.


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