23 August 2011

commute | Pacific Raceways

Sometimes it takes a village. Or a team. Whatever.

Tonight at Pacific Raceways Dave H and I managed to lock up the series by doing exactly what we had to.

Mark M from Starbucks is really fast. On the flats there really isn't anyone that can beat him so the best you can hope for (unless he eats a ton of pizza right before the race) is second. Dave had a reasonable lead in the points going into this race but if we did nothing and Mark won everything it would come down to the last race and that is always a crap shoot. In other words not what we wanted.

So the goal was to try and get as many second places as possible. Which is exactly what we did.

Tonight was a points race which is always a good time.

The plan was to either take points away from Mark or to help Dave do as well as possible in the sprints. Mostly the later. After a few laps I took off and went solo for one lap. As I crossed the finish line they rang the bell for the first prime but I was not up for the sustained effort so had to sit up and the pack caught me at the north end of the drag strip.

I led Dave out for the prime and then tried to go again and this time got away with three other riders but only one of them was working… I always find it entertaining how people will kill themselves to get into the break but then they can't or won't work to ensure its success. Oh well.

For the rest of the race I just led Dave out. Again and again and again.

I'd like to give myself a little pat on the back here and say that for the second prime my leadout was so strong that Dave had to tell me to slow down so he could come around for the point! That time we got 1st instead of second. :)

We also had to contend with Garage Racing (read: Matt H) working for Mark. Luckily for us that did not always go as planned.

The finish was a big gallop to the line and I think Dave was 3rd but that's still one point.

At the end of the night Dave had an eight point lead over Mark and it was only possible to win seven points at the last race. Whew.

Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food gel at the start, water
Time of Day race - 7:00 PM
Workout Type  
Weather 70, mostly sunny, dry
Distance commute - 9 miles
Results We got Dave the series win!
Equipment Road Bike
Mad Fiber wheels
Clothing bib shorts, sleeveless undershirt, short sleeve jersey, cap

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