24 August 2011

I like beer

For many reasons.

  • It tastes good.
  • It's refreshing.
  • Although you can certainly be a beer snob connoisseur, there are so many great types and good brands available why bother.
  • You can get it in small, normal, large, XL and ridiculous size containers.
  • Loads of beer commercials are funny as hell.
  • It comes in cans AND bottles. Some of which are so cool looking you hardly want to crack the seal. Almost.

I also like companies that can make fun of themselves.

Just today good friend Ryan D sent me a link to a site that combines beer and this ability. Bonus.

It seems that people have been finding spelling errors on the site of the Lagunitas Brewing Company. Here is their response.

It has been broughten to our attrition that they're have been numberous spelling errors on hour various lables. From the cureous (as in 'steet') too the sublime (as in 'redempetion'). As a soulution to this problem we have retrained an imminent linguist from Stanford and have invested in a spel checker computter utilitiy. For now however, the thing I want to know is: Who are these werd police? Anyway? Who is the boss, ewe or the words? Huh? And besides, what dew words, let alone speling, have to do with beer anyway. I mean, who ever herd of some namby pamby pale lexiphile curling up buy a warm fire with a good book and a cold beer. This hole bussiness has gone plenty far enouph, don't you think?

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