03 August 2011

I like 'em big

So today I splurged and bought one. The Sturhrling Metropol.


This bad boy is two solid inches long!


What is it about watches (or shoes or whatever accessory you want to obsess about) that grabs you and says, "Buy me!" No idea. But I love this shit and if I didn't think it was such a phenomenal waster of money I'd have 10 different watches; one for each day of the week, some for sporty activities and some just to get all ridiculous like this one here.


This is the "Diesel OVERSIZE BadAss WHITE GHOST XXL" and I love it. I mean c'mon, who wouldn't want something like that on their wrist? Exactly. If that's not oversized I'm a monkey's uncle.

Not only the Metropol cool, it's water proof to 50 m.so I won't have to take it off all the time. And it's got a really nifty clasp/buckle thingy.


As an added bonus I'll have wicked buff arms and shoulders if I switch wrists often enough. Good looking and tones you up; that's a win/win in my book.

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