20 August 2011


Shelley and I packed up the van and drove out to Long Beach with her sister Shannon for a bit of a family reunion.

This place bills itself as some sort of house of fun but in reality the weather is not that nice much of the year and if there isn't an event like a kite fair, etc. going on it's kind of a ghost town in my opinion…

Still, when you are sleeping right next to a fabulous beach what could make more sense than a barefoot beach run. Nothing, that was rhetorical.

Was I worried that the sand might hurt my feet? Not really. I figured worst case I would feel something and just walk back to the hotel.


But let me backtrack a bit. The run was a blast! It was just me, a pair of shorts and a hand-held bottle. I felt like a total nature boy. The wind was out of the north so I headed north to start. The first 10 minutes were not so fun then gradually I warmed up and things felt more gooderer. I was actually feeling pretty good by the time I turned around which was when my watch said 30 minutes had elapsed.

The sand was nice. Right next to the water it was quite firm and up by the dunes and plants it was really soft so I opted for the tire tracks near the water where vehicles had churned it up a bit and things were a little more comfy.

When I stopped to turn around I ate my gel, washed it down with some water and immediately was rewarded with a tailwind. Nice. Without even trying I went about three minutes faster on the way back.

I started to feel a little something the last few minutes of my run but didn't feel like I needed to pay it much mind. By the time I walked off the sand and across the asphalt hotel parking lot I was limping. When I got back to the hotel room and looked at my foot I had the biggest blood blister I have ever seen on the bottom of my right big toe! Insane how this can happen. I'm just thankful it did not burst.

The rest of the day was spent favoring my left foot for sure.

Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food water, gel
Time of Day 8:30 AM
Workout Type  
Time 58 min
Clothing shorts

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