25 May 2012

24 Hours Round the Clock pre-ride

Tony Bravetti, Jesse Nofziger, Aaron Griffith and I headed over to Spokane, WA for the big deal this weekend.

After setting up camp we headed out for a lap of the course and it was like no mountain bike course I have ever ridden. One word: FAST.


The course is a 15-mile loop and although it has some climbs none of them are severe or long. Ditto with the descents. What you do get are a lot of are flat trails, flat roads and flat double track. Tony, Jesse and I went to check it out and even rolling around at sightseeing speeds I was worried I was going to be hopelessly spun out in my 34x20 (with 26" wheels) on race day.

Luckily there were also some really fun sections of trail. There was loads of slaloming through trees at speed, some fun rock gardens some technical bits; just enough that you could never stop paying attention.

Back at camp I went for a stroll with the camera. There is no running water at this place so they had to truck it all in.


They also had a garbage receptacle that looked sufficient large for everyone's trash.


Most of the evening was consumed by getting camp just right and eating. Funny how doing not much of anything prior to a big event will make you feel like you have been fasting for freaking weeks.


Then we hit the hay. I felt surprisingly little stress. Maybe because the race did not start until noon?

Here are all the pictures.

Sleep 6
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food bottle w/1 tablet Nuun
Time of Day 3:00 PM
Workout Type  
Weather low 60s, mostly sunny, dry, some wind
Equipment Mountain Bike

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