13 May 2012

roller races at the MVA Season Kick-off Party

Last night was the second time I have ever tried a roller race and it's amazing how they can make even 20 seconds feel like a freaking age!

The first time was just prior to checking out the Bicycle Film Festival way back in 2010 and last night the occasion was the MVA Season Kickoff Party at the Hales Ales Palladium. This is where they hold the annual Moisture Festival by the way. I guess they call it 'moisture' because it's in Seattle…? Whatever.

Back to roller races. They are exciting! And at only 20-25 seconds long very spectator friendly. I was pretty much not going to participate in this spectacle but Tom Wick corralled me and convinced me to ride in the first grudge match of the evening in an attempt to coax the attendees into participating. It worked. It also made my legs pretty shaky!


This facility is awesome. Very warehousey feeling kind cluby at the same time. It was such a contrast to come from the blinding sun into this dark space with a bar and DJ loft and stage and concrete floors.

CIMG8564 CIMG8565 CIMG8567 CIMG8568

Belts! They had belts and prizes for all the winners. How thoughtful.


Ringers? Of course there were a few. In fact, right after Tom and I finished up the next pairing contained Harley Sheffield and David Mann.

Go faster legs!

Here are all the pictures and video.

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