18 May 2012


How does one even do this? Once you post something it's out there and in a very real way you can never take it back.

Tuesday I said that, "Dave threw a hissy fit" and I was straight up wrong. Turns out he was just expressing some personal frustration regarding being able to get in the type of workout he wants at Pacific Raceways and I made the bone head maneuver of taking second-hand info as gospel.

This just goes to show that:

  • Martin has a big mouth.
  • Martin is no journalist (one with ethics anyway).
  • Positive statements are good, negative statements are bad.

Dave has got to be one of the most upright people I know and does pretty much everything that he does do on principle meaning for a reason. I so admire that.

My errant comment - regardless of how it was meant - severely impacted a very important friendship and for that I am very sorry.

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