14 May 2012

core | bike commute | Ravenna Park run

Sun! That's what was out today. I love it. I exposed myself to it. It was good.

In the morning I got back on track at the gym and did my core work and then I rode to work. On an impulse this morning I took my running shoes along and then went for a little trail outing at lunch. It's pretty cool how you can piece together a route that is 90% dirt from the UW in MORE than one direction.

Sun + Warmth = Martin takes his shirt off

Yep, today I was that guy. But I was too embarrassed to walk out of the IMA with no shirt on so I wore a shirt until I got outside and then carried it in my hand during the run. People (read: me) are weird.

But what a liberating feeling. The no shirt thing that is. What was not liberating is how freaking thirsty I got in just this short amount of time! It was nuts… and I even made sure I was hydrated at the start. Not 20 minutes in I was wishing I had my hand held bottle. Acting on another impulse I weighted myself after my run and I lost two pounds! In just 40 minutes! And I do not consider myself a heavy sweater by any means. Just goes to show what this weather is capable of. And it's not even 'hot' yet. Bring it!

Another non-liberating thing was the massive Marmaduke (is that redundant?) dog I met on my way back to the IMA. He was (of course) off-leash and came bounding up to me. I kinda stuck my hand out to wave to the dog's owner and maybe deflect this moose of a dog some. This beast comes catapulting right at me, hits my palm and practically sprains my wrist as I'm running. I must have visibly winced because the owner was like, "SORRY! I'm so sorry…" I just kept on running. Why do people feel entitled to let their dogs run around off-leash? And why do people feel like it's an accident when they do something wrong deliberately and then get caught? Oops, I did not know you can't run your dog off-leash in public parks. Right. For the record I have owned three dogs and so can see it from both sides but c'mon people.
7:15 is pretty tough for me to come by these days… You can see my pace was okay at the start, slowed a bit as I ran up through the park, I then hit 7:15 on the flats while running the grass median of Ravenna and then via a conscious effort I sped up a tad at the end. Gotta have that negative split dontcha know. This pace was about all I could do!

Did I mention running felt liberating? Man, not to have all the gear was great. Just give me another day like this, a bottle or two and I'm good to go for longer.

Here is my run.

Here is my commute.

Sleep 6
Waking HR
Body Weight 12:00 PM - 181 lb.
1:00 PM - 179 lb. (that's how much water weight I lost on this short run!)
Body Fat
Workout Food water
Injuries Although I can feel my right hamstring just walking around and sitting, etc. it did not bother me while running or flare up after. Yes!
Time of Day core - 5:30 AM
run - 12:00 PM
Workout Type run - tempo-ish (for me at this point anyway)
Weather mid 70s, sunny, dry, light breeze
Equipment commute - Town Bike
run - Hoka Combo XT
Clothing run - Brooks Infinity Short III

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