20 February 2014

core | bike commute

Tried some core again and plank was a huge fail. Once again I held it and held it and held it before looking at my watch... and when I did it only read 2:00. I was so demoralized I collapsed to the mat instantly. I tried to start again but it only lasted 15 seconds, today was not starting out good. I did manage to finish the rest of my core routine but holy cow, I need to start planking at home or something.

On the up side, the weather was clear today and so I took the long way home for the first time this year. I forgot how tough this route is on a single speed but it was a blast being out and about. So glad I took this opportunity.

Watching was the sunset while riding through Myrtle Edwards Park and along the Seattle waterfront was beautiful.

Sleep 7
Waking HR  
Body Weight 6:15 AM - 184 lb.
Body Fat  
Workout Food water
Time of Day core - 5:30 AM
Workout Type endurance
plank 2 min, 2 min each side w/3 x 20 sec leg lift each side
twisters 50 each side - 15 lb.
leg extensions 85/15
back extensions 3 x 40
hip raisers 60
fire hydrants 60 each side
side leg lifts 40/30 each side
clam knee lifts 80 each side
roman chair knee lifts 40
push-ups 16/14/10
wobble disk 2 min each leg
Time core - 45 min
Equipment commute - Raleigh Mojave 8.0, Garmin Edge 500
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