28 February 2014

it's all about the base

Whatever. If nothing else, it's a good excuse to run lots of slow miles.

Just nine short weeks ago I was down in the dumps worried if I was ever going to be able to run again. Then during a trip to Las Vegas over Christmas things suddenly turned a corner. I ran! I didn't just run, I strung three days together back-to-back.

Comeback 2.0! Or something like that.

For sure I had to recover some after those three crazy days but I was finally on my way to running.

Here is what my weekly mileage has looked like since then.

week ending on Dec 21 - 0 miles
week ending on Dec 28 - 13 miles (all in three days!)
week ending on Jan 4 - 12 miles
week ending on Jan 11 - 17 miles
week ending on Jan 18 - 26 miles
week ending on Jan 25 - 24 miles
week ending on Feb 1 - 34 miles
week ending on Feb 8 - 41 miles
week ending on Feb 15 - 36 miles
week ending on Feb 22 - 46 miles
week ending on March 1 - 57 miles (and I'm not even done!)

And now I'm pretty tired. But my knee does not hurt and that makes me VERY happy.

What's next? In three weeks I am going to join the Seattle Running Club in their weekly track workouts to try and beg/borrow some speed and starting in a couple of weeks I will try to pick up the pace on the trails as well.

I know from experience that you can't effectively build volume and speed at the same time so after a couple more weeks with this kind of mileage I think it will be safe to pick up the pace.

Thank you body - I very much appreciate your ability to recover from hardship.

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