19 November 2014

Expresso Exercise Bike | Breathe Hot Yoga

On the bus to work today there was this (10 year old?) kid sorting his Magic cards and putting them all into sleeves he had just purchased. He was the cutest kid! He kept chatting up this couple of women across the isle and suddenly I noticed he was wearing some Brooks Cascadia 9 shoes. Probably because they matched his pants. Super cool.

I was pretty sleepy tired this morning so no gym.

At lunch I went to the IMA for a little indoor cycling session.

Oh man, this is getting tough! Once again I raced my ghost from a previous PR. We were never more than three seconds apart and with less than one mile to go we were even. I 'sprinted' and beat myself by maybe five seconds.

As my PRs drop, this trend can't continue. :) Plus, I'm sure I will lose motivation for all these indoor TTs pretty quick. It seems every time I have hopped on this bike I have been pretty rested...

After work I headed to Breathe Hot Yoga for another Hot Pilates class. Two words: ass kicker. This was just as hard as I remembered it from last week. The class really has very little to do with yoga and instead is a high intensity workout! Awesome stuff. I need to do more of this.

Sleep 8
Waking HR 4:30 AM - 46
Body Weight 12:30 PM - 188 lb.
Body Fat  
Workout Food  
Time of Day ride - 12:30 pm
Pilates - 5:45 pm
Workout Type  
Time Pilates - 60 min
Equipment ride - Expresso exercise bike

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