01 December 2011

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Not surprisingly it appears I went way too hard in the gym on Tuesday. Sigh. Some people (read: me) never learn. I put the same weight on the bar for squats and almost collapsed. It wasn't that my legs had not strength, it was that I was so tight/sore and they practically could not support me. Good times.

So I immediately swallowed my pride and took 30 lb. off the bar. Whew.

That was much better. I accordingly dropped the weight for lunges too. But not for the leg press and I increased the weight for leg extensions and curls. Take that.

At lunch I went to the IMA and rode an exercise bicycle of all things… Wow. The saddle is so wide you can't raise it to the proper height or you chafe like mad and the mid-70s American luxury car cockpit handlebars are pretty much right in your lap so you sit kinda bolt upright. Still, it was a workout and I wanted to ride so I should not complain.

I did a 30 minute hill routine that was basically one-minute hills followed by one minute recovery. The hills got progressively harder and the whole routine was repeated. I managed to maintain 90+ RPM the whole time and worked up a good sweat. On a whim I checked my heart rate while warming up and it said 130. Later I checked it again when I was huffing and puffing pretty good and it said 130. As I cooled down it also said 130. I think the heart rate sensor was busted.

Did I mention that my legs are blown? They are totally kaput. Lifting (for the first time) + trail run + lifting (for the second time) = tired. My ride home was sloooooow.

Sleep 6
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food water
Time of Day gym - 5:30 AM
trainer - 12:00 PM
Workout Type intervals
Weather upper 30s, dry, calm
squats 2 x 20 - 65 lb.
lunges 2 x 20 each leg - 55 lb.
incline press 2 x 20 - 90 lb.
leg extensions 2 x 20 - 75 lb.
leg curls 2 x 20 - 75 lb.
push-ups 20
Time trainer - 30 min
Distance trainer - 10 miles
commute - 12 miles
Equipment Town Bike

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