29 December 2011

Joe Friel - The Fat-Burning Myth


This is what I'm talking about. Why do people always want to believe that lower intensity will burn more calories?

Nothing against low intensity mind you; just keep it real.


  1. well, it was discussed zillion times, I'm surprised that Joel just quotes one study only.

    It all depends on time you have. High intensity is goo├ąd, but you can only do it so much. Basically you are limited to your glycogen stores ( about 90 minutes for high intensity).
    With low intensity you can go for much longer and dig deeper in fat storage as long as you keep refueling.
    Yes, after exercise your glycogen stores will be restocked from fat, that's why you are burning quite a bit with HIT after exercise. But you can actually burn more during long ( say 6-hrs rides), and way more if you do it few times a week.
    P.S. you really don't want to do VO2 during off-season.

  2. @Dessa - I totally agree. I think Joe is talking about MUCH lower intensity than what you would do on a six hour ride though.


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