30 December 2011

taking the zero

Woke up (really) early for the first time in at least a week. :( Some day I will figure out how to get enough sleep. Without medication.

Having not ridden much lately I was all geared up for another super duper indoor training session with the team! We all arrived early, got suited up, but the equipment did not work.

I guess there was some construction going on and so all the trainers and the laptop and the serial port hub were completely disconnected. No amount of plugging out/in, rebooting, power cycling helped and in the end the four people that stayed were riding using someone else's numbers. After 40 minutes of dicking with equipment I opted to go home instead of riding at a random resistance for 20 minutes.


Funny (read: interesting) how this mattered a LOT to me today.

I mean it's just one day of training that I missed but I really wanted to do it.


  1. Sorry dude. Disappointed as well. At least a session at Banya 5 made up for it for me!

  2. @Ryan - not your fault! I was upset but am okay now. :)


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