27 December 2011

Henderson wash run

I was not feeling it today! I guess the company of the past three days spoiled me and when I had to run by myself something was lacking.

Plus, I tried to go a little faster and that plan went over like a lead balloon.

Oh well. Shelley did let me use her Shuffle which was great. Especially since really good songs kept coming on at just the right time. And the sun was out. And it was not windy, And the sky was brilliant blue. I guess it was not so bad after all.

You can see me pause half way into the run… that's when I realized I was not going long or fast. :)

I was running along a paved bicycle and pedestrian trail on the way out and down in the wash (read: dirt trail) on the way back. It's not much but how cool that a trail is so close? That was rhetorical, it's very cool.

Today was my first time wearing a heart rate monitor in YEARS. Stats are fun but I'm still not a fan of the strap.

Sleep 7
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food half a small bottle w/1 scoop Cytomax
Injuries My right foot felt fine today while running but it still aches when doing nothing. Poop.
Time of Day 11:30 AM
Workout Type threshold
Weather mid 40s, dry, bright sun, calm
Time 38:40
Distance 5.2 miles
Equipment Brooks Cascadia
Clothing shorts, Patagonia short sleeve shirt

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