25 December 2011

Lake Mead Tunnel Trail run

After two days of technical singletrack we switched it up and hit the flat doubletrack. Not that I'd want to do this very often but it was a nice change and for sure I like being on new trails.

On the agenda today was the Lake Mead Tunnel Trail; so called because it's an old railway grade and you pass through six short tunnels on the way from the parking lot to Lake Mead. And truth be told it's not totally flat. After the last tunnel you go down a gentle grade, past a power station, across a parking lot and then the path turns to concrete and switchbacks down a steep hill to the top level of a parking garage from which you have a super view of Hoover Dam.

Turns out there is even a race that runs along this trail…

One thing that caught my eye was the River Mountain Loop Trail that looked like it would be a kick to ride. According to the big sign/map at the parking lot it's a 31 mile loop (all paved) that runs around River Mountain. Part of it is along Lake Mead, part of it is in the wasteland and part of it is literally along the bottom of a huge, concrete drainage ditch. I think the novelty would be huge. Something to keep in mind for future visits.

As we ran along there were a few little detours on the side of the trail that I would take while Mike R ran along the trail. These were really fun but I had to gas it to catch up with Mike each time. Also kind of fun. :)

We stuck together to the half way point and then as we started back I ran ahead a bit to the top of the hill and looped back to pick Mike up. Then on the way back to the car I took the two little detours again off of the main trail.

With about 500 m to go Mike surged and finished the run with an awesome kick. Way to go!

I felt really good today except during the first half I was still burping up my breakfast. Too much hot sauce. :(

Sleep 7
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Breakfast 7:00 AM - 2 bananas, peanut butter, apple, water, tea
10:00 AM - 3 eggs, yams, veggies, orange juice
Workout Food half a small bottle w/1 scoop Cytomax
Injuries My right foot still aches but no sharp pains.
Time of Day 1:30 PM
Workout Type endurance
Weather low 50s, dry, sun, light wind
Time 1:08:40
Distance 8 miles
Equipment Brooks Cascadia
Clothing shorts, Patagonia short sleeve shirt

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