14 February 2012

treadmill runs

It's Tuesday and I am NOT doing stairs. What a load off. I think I also quite weights so this leaves a relatively big hole in my workout week every Tuesday and Thursday. What do I fill it with? Running for now.

This is by far the longest I have ever extended my running 'season' but with another duathlon just around the corner and some long term running goals that will be much easier to attain if I don't totally quit it seems to make sense. What do I know, right? Here goes nothing.

I'm realizing that running in the dark and wet is not much more fun than riding in the dark and wet so I am opting for doing these indoors. Of course I only last so long on a trainer all by myself so the end result is 30 minutes. As long as I get in a longer run on the weekends it works.

My AM run felt pretty relaxed. I started out at a 7:30 pace for 10 minutes and then did 7:00 for the next 10 and finally 6:30 for the last 10. Not a problem but also pretty short. My right foot and ankle felt great, my breathing was relaxed, I was perhaps a bit antsy as I was having a hard time not watching the clock but that is an inherent difficulty of indoor trainers.

In the afternoon I started out at 7:00 pace for 20 minutes and then dialed it up roughly .2 mph every minute until I did the 29th minute at 5:30 pace. Then I shut it down and cooled off with 10 minutes at 7:30. This felt pretty good as well; I was never gasping for air, my foot and ankle were fine, etc., etc.

Sleep 7
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food water
Time of Day morning run - 5:30 AM
afternoon run - 12:00 PM
Workout Type tempo
Course morning run - 10 min at 7:30, 10 min at 7:00, 10 min at 6:30
afternoon run - 20 min at 7:00, then roughly .2 mph faster for each minute finishing with 1 min at 5:30 then 10 min at 7:30
Time morning run - 30 min
afternoon run - 40 min
Distance morning run - 4.3 miles
afternoon run - 5.8 miles
Equipment Hoka Combo XT

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