02 February 2012

weights | treadmill run

Oof… I came this close to turning right around at the gym and going home today.

I was in the squat rack, had done about six reps of the first set and was NOT feeling it when it dawned on me that I could just go home. No harm no foul, it's just one day after all.

I told myself, "Don't be silly, just do the work!" So I did four more reps but then stopped again.
It was turning into an epic mental battle.

For some reason I finished that first set, and the next, and then some friends showed up and said hi and they were doing legs as well which was all it took for me to finish my workout. The mind is a fragile thing.
At lunch I went to the IMA to get my legs turning over some so I would not forget how to run. I dialed the treadmill up to 7.5, turned on some music and got lost for 28 minutes.

This was feeling great! Running was exactly the right thing to do and I was stoked that 7:30 miles were feeling so freaking easy.

Unfortunately it took me all of those 28 minutes to realize that I had set the SPEED at 7.5… This is actually an 8:00 min/mile pace; no wonder it felt so darn easy. :( Oh well, it might have been what I needed.

The alarm woke me up this morning, that has not happened in a very long time. I must be tired. I'm also tired of lifting weights! I'm just not seeing the results I wanted and it's tiring me out for my other workouts so it might be time to bag this experiment.
Sleep 6
Waking HR
Body Weight 12:00 PM - 183
Body Fat
Workout Food water
Time of Day weights - 6:00 AM
run - 12:00 PM
Workout Type weights, active recovery
squats 10 - 45 lb.
3 x 20 - 115 lb.
lunges 3 x 20 - 75 lb.
incline press 3 x 20 - 230 lb.
leg extensions 3 x 20 - 25 lb. each leg
leg curls 3 x 20 - 50 lb. each leg
push-ups 21
Equipment run - Hoka Combo XT

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