07 July 2012

Lake Tahoe run

Expansive views!
Way above sea level!

Shelley and I were in Incline Village for her 20-year high school reunion (Incline High baby!) and since there was time to screw around and since packing running shoes and shorts is easier and cheaper than shipping a bicycle I hit the trails on foot.

Oh MAN are the trails nice up here… and by 'up' I mean right around 6,000'.

I started at the Ponderosa Ranch (where Bonanza was filmed) and headed up Tunnel Creek Rd. This is a stout climb that ascends for three miles at which point you get to about a million intersections and options. The Flume Trail had been recommended to me but I took a wrong turn. Luckily every turn is damn scenic up here so I just ran until I saw one hour and then turned around. Good times. Especially since I did not get lost.

Looking at my data below you can see how much I was dying until I turned around… on the way up I had to walk for a few seconds about every half mile! Luckily I took along plenty of fluids so actually finished with some drink left in my bottle.

I would go back here in a heartbeat. To run OR ride. Hell, I need to figure out a way to do both on the same trip. Here is a trail map of where I was.

Sleep 6
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Breakfast 7:00 AM - 2 bananas, avocado, water
Workout Food 1.5 large bottles w/Vitamin Water
Time of Day 8:15 AM
Workout Type  
Weather mid 70s to 80, sunny, dry, calm
Equipment Brooks Cascadia
Clothing Brooks Infinity Short III

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