15 July 2012

Tiger Mt MTB ride

Only one week to go before what is arguably the biggest and hardest (meaning the toughest competition will show up) MTB race of my summer: High Cascades 100. This weekend was supposed to be my last long/hard workout so yesterday I went for a longer run in the woods and today I was supposed to go for a longer ride in the same woods. But it didn't happen.

I met my new-found friend Gary Ballas at the South Tiger Mt summit parking lot and we headed out for what I hoped would be at least two laps of the standard loop. Gary wanted to warm up prior to tackling the big climb so we hit some trail first. It was great!

It was also the case that my front tire was losing air! What crap.

To top it off, my pump was not cooperating and would only let more air out of my tire instead of putting any in. :( Luckily Gary's pump was working but after topping my tire off at least four times and not finding any obvious leak and after crashing once because my soft front tire pushed out in a corner I packed it in. Rats.

Gary is a blast to ride with though, he's a much better bike handler than I and following him down singletrack required concentration. That's just what I need.

Oh yeah, it was really wet too. At least it was not cold.

Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food just a couple of gulps from my bottle
Time of Day 7:45 AM
Workout Type  
Weather 60, rain, wind (but we were in the trees)
Equipment Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper Carbon 29 Singlespeed

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