04 February 2015

even more 2015 Partners - Ultimate Direction

I'm excited to announce that I'll be receiving some support from Ultimate Direction! Without a doubt, 2015 is shaping up very nicely.

Carrying anything while running used to feel so unnatural to me. But I came from a cycling background where stuff doesn't bounce around. Luckily my friends who got me turned on to running also turned me on to some of the best equipment and my first Handheld (which I still have today!) was by Ultimate Direction.

Soon I learned that carrying a bottle in my hands was no big deal and after trying out one of the Ultimate Direction Hydration Packs I learned what a running pack is supposed to feel like. Comfy, stays put and has room for your shit. Regardless of whether that is minimal shit or a shit ton.

It's such a thrill (I'm easily amused I suppose) to not even have to think about what I will need to leave at home just so I can carry my camera. And with room for a bladder and two bottles, you can stay out for a long time. Did I mention you can access the side pockets while running? Nice.

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