18 October 2011

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Oh Gold's Gym, how do I love thee. Let me count the ways.

  1. You are close to home.
  2. Some of my friends go there.
  3. You are close to home.

Oh well, two ways isn't bad.

Bottom line is I did manage to do my core work and I did some stretching which was great as I'm still somewhat stiff from my run on Saturday. And since the weather was fabulous again I hopped on my bike and rolled down the hill to work.

when I got home Shelley was up for some stairs so we headed out again. I was not really feeling it but maintained a reasonable speed and just trimmed a couple of flights off of what I have been doing lately. All-in-all not so bad.

Oh yeah, at the gym I tired to do one push-up and was not able to. My hand still hurts like a mother when I apply any pressure to the pad of my thumb. Rats.

Sleep 6
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food water
Time of Day gym - 5:30 AM
stairs - 6:15 PM
Workout Type  
Weather upper 50s, clear, dry, calm
plank 3 min
back extensions 3 x 40
clam knee lifts 100 each leg
side leg lifts 100 each leg
leg scissors 100
twister machine 50 each side - 90 lb.
hip abductors 3 x 30 - 100 lb
stairs - Howe Street
Time stairs - 28:26
Distance commute - 9 miles
stairs - 8 flights
Equipment commute - Town Bike
stairs - Brooks Defyance

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