04 October 2011


Woke up too tired to get to the gym but I did throw my shoes, shorts and a shirt in the car (which I had to take in for service today) before leaving the house so on the way home I stopped by the Howe Street stairs and got in a 'quickie'.

For once the stairs were not packed with humanity and there were just two other people there.

One of which was a guy that was 'running' each flight but would also stop to gasp for air at the top of each section and soon I noticed that my fast walking was gaining on him. So that became my goal and after seven flight I had caught him. :) Then I ran the last one just to throw salt in the wound. Buh-bye.

Ah… the competitive juices must be flowing.

Of course it did take me forever to get my breathing back to normal after that last flight but I'll never tell.

Another bonus is my road shoes are feeling great now so my right foot is obviously on the road to healing up.

Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food  
Time of Day 5:15 PM
Workout Type  
Course Howe Street
Time 30 ish minutes? I forgot my watch.
Distance 8 flights
Pace I walked the first 7 and then ran the last one.
Equipment Brooks Defyance

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