02 October 2011

nerd glasses

I have been going through my pictures and posting them when I stumbled across this one here.


Oh man.

Those, my friend, are Oakley Frogskins with after-market clear lenses that I had installed for winter riding when the original tinted lenses got too scratched.. Booyah!

Back in the day they were the shit. Now I just look like shit when I wear them.

Truth be told, When Shelley found these glasses in our house she insisted I pose with them so what better accessory to top off the uber nerd look than a pair of original Sony Walkman Sports headphones? Exactly. Nothing.


And yes, we got more than one shot of me…


Shelley even tried to follow suit but how can you? Not even close.


I look totally natural in my nerdiness and she looks all posed.

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