28 October 2011

Discovery Park run

Wind. Out. Of. Sails.

That pretty much sums up this morning's run.

I was going to meet Gabe T and Justin A at Cougar Mt for 10+ miles but then last night Gabe sent a text saying he had an 8:30 work meeting so he was gone. Then this morning Justin sent a text at 6:30 saying he was out on account of his kid having a meltdown. Rats.

Not knowing the Cougar route by heart I opted for Discovery Park and figured I could do two 5-mile loops.

Even on the drive over my enthusiasm was waning and by the time I parked I was more or less on auto-pilot meaning not so motivated.

I started out and right away I noticed that running alone with a headlamp is not so easy! Thinking back this is the first time I have done this as all my other early morning runs have been with other people. I really had to slow down for some corners and rooty sections.

Another thing I noticed is that within a mile or so I had already talked myself into doing one long loop and then one short one for 8 miles instead of 10. And then within about one more mile I had rationalized just doing one big loop for 5 miles. Good grief.

As I descended to the north beach trail I had to walk several sections it was so tricky and dark. But that was fun! I had expected to hear all kinds of animals but mostly it was just really, really quiet.

Cruising along the beach trail only confirmed my choice to abbreviate this run, I was not feeling it. Still, I was being hard on myself because half the time I pull the plug I'm not sure if I would have done fine going longer or harder had someone else been there to push me? To compensate I resolved to take all the stairs on the climb from the lighthouse to the bluff two at a time.

I made it. Until about 100 m to go when I suddenly slowed to a walk. Sheesh. After cresting the hill I again had to slow to a walk. This was not my day. I did not feel super tired or slow (as my time seems to indicate) but I had ZERO motivation. I finally got rolling again and got this run done. Whew.

The run sucked but being in the park when it's dark did NOT suck. Having it be so close to Halloween I started to imagine all kinds of things and it kept the run exciting.

Sleep 6
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Breakfast 5:00 AM - 2 bananas, water
Workout Food 30 minutes prior to run - gel, water
run - 2 sips from a small bottle w/1 tablet Cola Nuun and 1 scoop HEED
Time of Day 6:45 AM
Workout Type  
Weather mid 40s, mostly clear, dry, some wind in exposed sections
Course big loop
Time 38:39
Distance 4.5 miles?
Pace 8:35 min/mile
Equipment Brooks Cascadia, hand-held bottle
Clothing shorts, Craft short sleeve undershirt, long sleeve active T

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