27 June 2013

Cougar 10 trail run

I got out to Cougar Mountain this morning with Bryan Estes and man was it a tough outing.

You start this run with a .5 mile hill and right from the gun I was completely out of breath. This feeling didn't really go away and I had to walk three times during the run just to give myself a break from breathing so darn hard.

Luckily today Bryan was not interested in going fast so didn't drop me until about 1.5 miles to go.

My legs also felt a little more tired than I was hoping for... we'll see how it goes tomorrow when I have a pretty stout run on the agenda.

It was drizzling just a bit but the temperature was really warm. Sort of nice combination to be honest.

At lunch I hit the IMA for some stretching - much needed that.

Sleep 7
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food 1 Hammer Gel right at the start
run - half a bottle w/2 scoops HEED and 1 Endurolytes
Time of Day run - 5:15 AM
stretching - 1:30 PM
Workout Type endurance
Weather mid 60s, light drizzle, muggy, calm
Time run - 1:28:53
stretching - 20 min
Equipment Brooks Cascadia 8, Garmin Fenix, Ultimate Direction Fastdraw Plus
Clothing Brooks 5" Essential Run Short, Brooks Podium SS shirt
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