04 June 2013

Howe Street stairs | bike commute | Fleet Feet run

I was able to string together a multi-sport day like this in the past but today it felt incredibly laborious and slow. Too much too soon?

While on the Howe Street stairs this morning I started out feeling wasted and tired but that's usually normal. :) I loosened up and started to feel improvement but then the tiredness returned and I just quit after 30 minutes because I was too exhausted to continue!

That should have been a huge red flag but I forged on.

Did I mention that I hung out in the sun at lunch and sat down in Colman Park (in the sun) for a bit before the regular Tuesday Fleet Feet Sports run? By the time it started I was half asleep and during the run I never felt anything close to vim or vigor. It was pretty arduous from the start and at the first sign of a hill coming back I was walking. If you look at my GPS data below carefully you will see that I had to walk FIVE MORE TIMES in the last three miles. Not only was I tired, I just had zero will to work.

At least the day was spectacular.

And after the run we had an impromptu egg toss competition in Colman Park! That was a blast. Several people in the park joined us as there were extra eggs so we had 12 teams/pairs of people. I paired up with Julie Cassata and we got 2nd place! Even while up against ringers... :)

Hilariously (not!) my ride home from the run felt fine. Jesus.

Sleep 6
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food stairs - half a large bottle w/2 scoops HEED
run - water
Time of Day stairs - 5:45 AM
run - 6:00 PM
Workout Type strength
Weather upper 70s, sunny, dry, calm
Course stairs - Howe Street
run - summer route
Time stairs - 31:34
Distance stairs - 9 flights (1.5 miles)
Pace stairs - 3:30/flight
Equipment stairs - Brooks Launch, Garmin Fenix
run - Brooks Launch, Garmin Fenix
commute - Raleigh Mojave 8.0, Garmin Edge 500
Clothing run - Brooks 5" Essential Run Short

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