25 June 2013

treadmill run

I got sucked into watching highlights of various European Road Race Championships this morning and so didn't get to the gym. Oh well.

I knew I wanted to go for a run today but where/what kind/how hard? These are the kinds of questions you ask yourself when you don't have a coach or even a program...

In the end I chose the cautious option meaning the treadmill. I guess I was still a bit worried that the pounding I took Saturday (and which I exacerbated on Sunday) would stick with me today and I chose the path of lowest impact.

I had a good run so I think it was the right choice.

Sleep 7
Waking HR  
Body Weight 12:00 PM - 180 lb.
Body Fat  
Workout Food  
Time of Day 12:00 PM
Workout Type endurance with a little tempo thrown in
Course treadmill, 1% incline
Time 40 min
Distance 5.4 miles
Pace 10 min @ 8:00
10 min @ 7:30
10 min @ 7:00
1 min @ 6:51 (roughly)
1 min @ 6:42 (roughly)
1 min @ 6:33 (roughly)
1 min @ 6:24 (roughly)
1 min @ 6:15
5 min @ 8:00

5 min @ 15:00 (cool down walk)
Equipment Brooks Launch

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