26 January 2012

Howe Street stairs | weights

Holy hate… I think today was the longest I have ever spent on this set of steps. And I still have two weeks to go! :(

It was emphatically driven home to me today that friends while working out can be essential so thank you Jim K for being here with me week in and week out. Stairs are hard. Alone they are sometimes unfathomable.

When I woke up it was raining hard. HARD. Like the proverbial spigot was stuck on wide f'ing open hard. As I looked outside I was thinking, "What's today again? Stair day? You have got to be kidding me…" But then the realization that someone else was counting on my presence dawned on me and slowly, ever so slowly, I climbed out of bed, got dressed and went downstairs.

As has been my routine this year I arrived at the stairs about 20 minutes early to get in some warm-up flights so that by the time Jim shows and we start running my legs can actually turn over at a reasonable rate. When I parked the rain was still pounding down and I was a big, whinny baby in the van as I procrastinated as long as possible. Finally I figured it was not that cold and I had already forgone the sleep I could have had if I had not shown up early so I might as well get out of my vehicle.

By the time I walked from 10th Ave down to the top of the steps I could already feel the rain soaking through my three shirts. Suck. But after my third walker my legs were feeling a little better and I was not freezing cold. Nice. Jim showed up right as I finished my fifth flight and so we got busy.

The first runner is always the mental hurdle. Invariably it's my worst flight but you have to push through the first in order for your legs to loosen up. Honestly, the second runner was not much better. Or the third.

Normally, assuming I am fresh for this workout, my runners slowly improve and the third one is the best. After that I get tired and they start to deteriorate again. Today I could tell I was not so fresh and so the improvement from one to three was small but then I also did not deteriorate so the endurance was good.

And the rain was easing up!

Today we did eight flights alternating walking and running and then our last two runners were of the up-two-down-one variety. I wasn't flying for those last two but I also did not slow down.

For the last handful of flights the sky dried up completely and when we finished there was much high-fiving. Next week we just add a walker and the last week it's all in for the big finale. Thanks Jim.

Weights were okay, I did feel some fatigue but that was expected.

Sleep 6
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food stairs - large bottle w/1 tablet Nuun and 1 scoop Cytomax
weights - water
Time of Day stairs - 5:40 AM
weights - 12:00 PM
Workout Type intervals, strength
Weather stairs - 40, wet, some wind
Course stairs - Howe Street
squats 10 - 45 lb.
3 x 20 - 115 lb.
lunges 3 x 20 each leg - 75 lb.
incline press 3 x 20 - 230 lb.
leg extensions 3 x 20 - 50 lb. each leg
leg curls 3 x 20 - 50 lb. each leg
push-ups 22
Time stairs - 1:20
Distance stairs - 18 flights (the 15th and 17th flight were 1.5 each)
Equipment stairs - Brooks Cascadia
Clothing stairs - shorts, 2 long sleeve active Ts, short sleeve active T, cap
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