29 April 2012

Arboretum run | Soaring Eagle MTB tandem ride

What a great day!

In the morning I got in a fun run with some great guys and then Shelley and I took the tandem up to Soaring Eagle Park on the Issaquah Plateau and rode some super trails.

Note to any MTB tandem riders - these trails are very tandem friendly!

Which was exactly what we needed as our skills seem super rusty this year for some reason.
I have met a few new running buddies through one of my cycling teammates Lane Seeley and these guys, in particular Jon Westerman who I have run with three times now, are fantastic company. On the agenda today was a 10-mile cruiser which did not sound too threatening but after yesterday I was just a tad uncertain about how my legs would bounce back. Turns out just barely enough to keep up today. :)

Lane wanted to keep the run on as much dirt as possible so I plotted a route that did just that. It's pretty cool how you can almost entirely avoid pavement for extended section right in the city!

Our pace stayed very steady with just a slight speed up on the descents and a slight slow down on the climbs. I wore two shirts which was too much. At the end of the run my left hamstring that had cramped yesterday was a little tender but overall it was a nice morning.

Here is the run.

After a quick rise-off shower and a snack Shelley and I packed up the van and headed east. Judging by the trail map Soaring Eagle Park is pretty small! It's about one square mile but there are tons of loops you can do and the ones we did were just moderately technical. Nice.

We started out just riding all the way through the park on the main trail which I thought would be a good warm up. Turns out this trail is one of the wettest and muddiest and more than once we had the rear tire churning through the glop like an egg beater! We slowed down so much once we almost bailed into the brown goo but managed to save it and only submerged one foot each. That would have been nasty…

We had a somewhat rough start but kept improving as we rode and by the end were middle ringing the trail and having a blast. And I only threw Shelley from the bike once. :( Luckily she had a good time too. We would both go back here any day.

Here is the ride.

Sleep 6
Waking HR
Body Weight
Body Fat
Workout Food run - bottle w/1 tablet Nuun and 1 scoop HEED
Time of Day run - 7:00 AM
ride - 11:45 AM
Workout Type run - endurance
ride - fun
Weather run - low 50s, mostly cloudy, dry, calm
ride - mid to upper 50s, occasional light mist, cloudy, calm
Equipment run - Brooks Launch, handheld bottle
ride - Ellsworth Witness
Clothing run - Brooks Infinity Short III, Patagonia Capilene 1 Silkweight Stretch T-Shirt, Patagonia Merino 1 Silkweight Crew
ride - bib shorts, short sleeve undershirt, short sleeve jersey

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