07 April 2012

Volunteer Park Criterium

The calm before the storm.


Having not raced at Pacific Raceways yet this year today was my first criterium in 2012 so very exciting. Last year the age cut-off was just 30(!), this year it was 35 which still makes for an excellent field. And the sun was out. It was going to be a good race. At the start line I saw lots of Garage Racing riders, the fast Keller Rohrback riders, a few Audi riders and we had Ryan Dean, RC Rogers, Greg Kauper and myself.


I had managed to stage right at the front so got away really well and rode in the front of the field the entire race. To make a long story short, here are the highlights.

  • Kenny Williams is back. He was in just about every move off the front including two solo moves that each lasted for at least four laps. And then he handily won the sprint. His thighs look huge. And strong.
  • Our team rode intelligently and always had at least one of us in each break, sometimes even two!
  • With two and then one lap to go I kept looking for the train from either KR or Garage and it never materialized so seeing Greg about four bikes behind me I kept it strung out on the last lap and up the hill. At the top of the hill Greg came around me on one side and Ryan on the other. We did the right thing, now we just need to be able to sprint better. :)
  • There was moss near the base of the climb right in the middle of the road. Nikos Mills went down. :( I felt my tires move at least twice. I guess that section of the course just never gets any sun.
  • I felt pretty good! I could easily move around in the bunch, was always near the front but I could not go 100% for more than about 10 seconds. I guess it's time to train for that sort of thing…
  • I freaking love my race wheels.

Thanks to forzavelo we have video coverage.

How can you go wrong with this song…

My race wheels don't have power (funny how you always want it all…) but it was encouraging to see my heart rate peak at 168 on that last lap. It means 1) I really can get my heart rate up above 160 and 2) I really was working as hard as I thought.

Sean Phillips said we averaged over 24 mph. Greg and I did two cool-down laps before I stopped my Garmin so perhaps that is due to my lower average. It did feel pretty quick most of the time.

After my race I spun around town before heading back to watch the last two races. Unfortunately it was pretty windy by then and I did not have adequate clothing so I had to bail 20 minutes before the end of the Pro/Cat 1-2 race. :( Some Jamis pro was putting on a clinic, he had been off the front in numerous breaks and was now off the front solo and had been there for numerous laps. I hope he won. Jesus these guys are quick. I parked myself at the top of the hill and to watch them come roaring up the climb and then accelerate out of the corner was amazing.

Sleep 7
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Breakfast 6:15 AM - apple sauce, 1 scoop protein powder, 2 scoops Perpetuem, banana, walnuts
Workout Food 30 min before race - shot of gel
15 min before race - shot of gel
race - bottle w/1 tablet Nuun and 1 scoop HEED (I only took two sips)
Time of Day 10:55 AM
Workout Type race
Weather mid 50s, sunny, dry, some wind
Equipment Road Bike
Mad Fiber wheels (first time this year!)
39/53, 12-25
Clothing race - knit shoe covers, Craft short sleeve undershirt, arm warmers, short sleeve jersey, cap

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