05 April 2012


Rest day. For those not 'in the know' (whatever the hell elitist level of understanding that is, right?) that doesn't mean do nothing, instead it means 'active recovery' which  means a very low stress workout.

I'm smiling thinking back to a conversation I had with my dental hygienist yesterday as she was cleaning my teeth. She noticed I had ridden my bike to the appointment and asked how far it was. I told her it was just five miles and after expressing amazement (she is obviously one of those people that thinks of miles in terms of running and running is HARD) she asked where I live. I told her on top of Capitol Hill and she said, "Oh WOW, that must be a great BURN going home!" Burn. Nice.

'Gym speak' I call it. It's so something an aerobics instructor would say and what most people seek every single time they exercise. And then brag about. While on an active recovery day it's something I try to avoid. Not so easy when you need to climb all the way to the top of the hill.

This is the long way of saying I took the bus to work.

I discovered that I have to consciously limit myself to keep the rpm under 140 on this device.

Sleep 7
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food  
Time of Day 5:45 AM
Workout Type active recovery
Course elliptical trainer - 12 incline, 12 resistance
Time 30 min
Pace 130-140 rpm, heart rate ended up in the low 110s

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