06 September 2013

stretching | sauna | walk home from bus stop

Oh man... I hit a low point today.

My left knee - I'm fairly certain it's my IT band but I am going to see my PT to make sure - has been absolutely killing me. I aggravated it at Cascade Crest, too one week off, tried a stair workout (because running hurt too much) and ever since it won't leave me alone.

I had a low point today where I let a wave of self-pity wash over me. It feels like these last seven months have been one long, continuous recovery from various injuries and I am tired of it! I just want to be like those guys that run all the time and don't hurt themselves. I see athlete after athlete posting mega mileage weeks and never once mentioning any sort of maintenance or injury or issue. I know my body is not so durable as others when it comes to running and I guess today the difference just felt extreme.

Not to mention this is the time of year that all my friends go and do these incredible 'fun' runs and hikes on cool trails.

I'll get over it but today sucked.

In other news I went to the IMA to stretch, couldn't find a foam roller so just hit the mat. it was okay but I need the roller! In the sauna I almost fell asleep; work has been stressing me more than I would like and my sleep has been the victim.

I was originally going to take the bus all the way home but then I heard that Shelley had just returned from her trip so I impulsively walked to get there faster. My knee was fine on the flats and then once again, on the last three blocks where it's down a steep hill I literally had to come to a stop and figure out how I was going to negotiate this last section. It just hurt too much to walk down normally and I ended up doing a prissy, tip-toe down the hill on the balls of my feet so help ease the impact. I felt retarded and super dejected.

Sleep 6
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food  
Time of Day stretching - 12:30 PM
sauna - 1:00 PM
walk - 5:30 PM
Workout Type  
Weather 70, muggy, mostly cloudy
Time walk - 27:45
Distance walk - 1.7 miles
Equipment Garmin Fenix

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