13 October 2013

walk | cruiser ride

We are on vacation!

I did the little loop again this morning and even jogged some along the train tracks. Technically this is still verboten by my doctor but I couldn't help myself. Thank goodness it did not hurt my knee.

Later in the day we all (Daren Doss, Lisa Chadbourne, their daughter, Shelley and I) hopped on some full on jalopy bikes and rode into 'downtown' Astoria.

First of all, riding these bikes was a blast. Crabon is overrated. Secondly Astoria has lots of fantastic beer. I drank too much. Then we rode back home. Naturally. Third, I was not so drunk that I didn't try to record all of these activities with my GPS. It's a sickness. Fourth, something crapped out on the ride back home obviously. Thanks for nothing Garmin. [That's the alcohol talking there Garmin...]

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