06 March 2011

Mason Lake RR #1

6 Time
of Day
9:00 AM
Distance race – 48 miles Power  
Time Moving Speed  
Breakfast 4:15 AM – banana
5:30 AM – cereal
Workout Food 1.5 large bottles each w/3 scoops Sustained Energy
Workout Type race
Weather low to mid 40s, dry, partly sunny
Course Mason Lake
Results Masters 45+
official results
Equipment Road Bike
Clothing Sugoi show covers, bib shorts, knee warmers, Craft long sleeve undershirt, short sleeve jersey, arm warmers, heavy vest, Polypropylene gloves,OR Gripper gloves, cap

Still quite congested this morning and coughing, the cough lasted all the way to the start and I had a few fits during the race too.

This field was much larger than I thought it would be, we had a solid 30 riders and that was good. In attendance was RC R.

Usually the beginning of a master's race is FAST. That was not the case today. W cruised around for a bit until there were a few half-hearted attempts at breaking away. After a couple of these I gave it a go myself and got away solo but was fading WAY too fast... Last year and two years ago I felt stellar this time of year and this year not so much. It's not just being sick, my training has not been what it was in years past. After dangling off the front for a while on the back side of the course I eased up as no one was coming up to me and I could not go any faster.

I got in two more breaks both times with two Olympic riders. The first time we got caught pretty quick but the second attempt looked promising and he hung in for a while but the bunch still chased us down. Then with about half a lap to go, maybe a little more, another Olympic rider sneaks off the front and of course no one chases him down... They had at least six riders in the race and no one went after that. He won by about 30 seconds.

With about 5 km to go I saw RC was near the front so got next to him and told him to say right here! And he did it, nice. I stuck in the top 10 and then with about 1.5 km to go I got in 3rd or 4th spot right behind RC. As we passed 1 km to go the person in the front slowed a bit and RC did the right thing by going right on by and keeping the pace high. On the last incline before the 200 m sign (400 m to go?) a 20/20 rider went barreling past RC but I managed to grab his wheel so hit the sprint in 2nd spot. You can't ask for anything more but I just could not go like the guys behind me and apparently four people got by me. One BLEW by and left us for dead and it was close for the rest.

So I'm weak and I can't sprint. Half of that isn't anything new. When I was not attacking our pace was very manageable, not hard at all. No where to go but up.

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