13 March 2011

Maui Cyclery TT

5 Time
of Day
7:48 AM
Breakfast 5:15 AM – plain non-fat yogurt, jam, water
Workout Food race – water
ride – large bottle w/3 scoops Perpetuem, tons of water, PowerBar, bread pudding
Workout Type race
Weather low 70s to mid 80s, dry, sunny, relatively calm
Course race – just above Paia post office to six miles up the road
Results TT – 28:21
Jeff – 28:18
Aaron – 27:45 ish
Equipment Road Bike
39/53, 12-27
Clothing bib shorts, sleeveless undershirt, short sleeve jersey, cap

After not enough sleep Aaron S and I stumbled around the kitchen looking for something to eat that was 1) appetizing and 2) not too heavy so it would be assimilated by the time we started the race. He had some leftover oatmeal and I had some yogurt.

After 'breakfast' we hopped on our bikes in total darkness and rode north to meet Jeff D at his condo. That was about seven miles. From here we all rode out to the start of the race which was about another 13 miles. We got to Maui Cyclery promptly at 7:00 AM where we met about 25 other riders. After Donnie A explained the race we rolled to the start which was a few blocks up the street. All three of us (Jeff, Aaron and me) were starting  back-to-back and we were riders number 16, 17 and 18 so with one minute intervals there was still a bit of time to kill. Finally it was time to go; I got held at the start and started out of the saddle, shifted up twice and then sat down and tried to settle in to some kind of pace.

Ouch... after three hard days and after sitting around for 30 minutes my legs were screaming! My mouth was also ultra dry as the wind was right in our face.

Except for about 100 m this was all little ring. The headwind was mild to strong and sometimes I had to shift down not because of the increase in slope but because of the increased strength in the wind alone. At least three times I found myself going too hard and had to back it off to pace myself but overall I was not taking this race too seriously... In fact, as I passed one woman who looked like she was really bogging down I gave her a little push.

Several times I saw Aaron up the road but each time I thought I was closing on him it was really just some other rider that I was passing.

After spinning out my legs on a side street and grabbing some bottles and food from the car (thanks Greg and Dean for driving it up here!) we joined all the competitors for what we thought was going to be a chill ride around the high country and back to the shop. Unfortunately just five blocks up the road this guy practically highjacks us and leads us back up he volcano...

In very short order I was sick of climbing. And let it be known. At one point I actually asked Greg for the car keys and was about to turn around but somehow talked myself into continuing. We climbed for way too long and then descended for way too long (which meant we would be climbing on the way back again) and I was getting more sour by the minute. This guy kept promising us that the hill was, "Just takes 15 minutes to climb" and that the coffee shop (our destination) was, "Just over the next roller" and in true cyclist form he was out-and-out lying each time. By the time we finally got to the coffee shop I was about to receive the not-fun-to-be-around award and it would have been deserved.

I sat down and was not going to eat anything but then Greg insisted and so I got some bread pudding and damn if that did not hit the spot. I also drank two bottles of water. I was a much happier camper on the way back but the jokes about how short (read: long) the hill was or how few (read: many) minutes it would take to get back abounded.

After finally getting back we hit the beach and I let all this stress wash away.

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