17 March 2011

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6 Time
of Day
gym – 5:15 AM
trainer – 6:00 PM
Workout Food water
Workout Type intervals – 2x20
plank 3 min, 2 min each side
back extensions 3x30
clam knee lifts 100 each leg
side leg lifts 70 each leg
twisters 30 each side – 12 lb
roman chair knee lifts 40/30/30
hip abductors 3x30 – 100 lb
push-ups 20
1st 20 min interval – 310 watts threshold/279 actual
2nd 20 min interval – 310-400 watts threshold/279-360 actual
Equipment Time Trial Bike

First day back post-Maui. Man, I felt dead for a bit when we returned... and still kinda did today.

I could not drag myself to the gym yesterday but did today and it was good. Checked the core box and then took the TT bike to Seattle Multisport for what I suspected would be a moderate workout. I started the warm-up and first interval at a threshold setting of 310 watts and we do our intervals at 90% of that. It felt okay except for my breathing. WHEN WILL THIS GET BETTER...?! I swear, I do not recall ever feeling this before and it's frustrating; like I can't properly fill my lungs and I end up yawning and gasping and sitting up just to get enough air. Is my body just not processing/carrying oxygen as efficiently as I want it to? Am I literally not getting enough air and my airway is somehow obstructed? It's bugging me.

Anyway, except for the breathing thing my legs felt okay considering I had just put in a relatively big block of miles for me. So I decided to start the second interval at the same setting and was hoping I would be able to increase the resistance.

10 minutes in I upped the threshold setting 10 watts. I upped it 10 watts every minute for the next six minutes and then stalled out – I was working hard and did not want to have to lower the resistance! I rode minute 18 and 19 at 390 watts and then upped it to 400 for the last minute. Ouch.

I certainly did not increase my cadence at the end like I usually try to do – I simply was not able to. :)

After cooling down I turned to Steve O who was riding next to me and said something like, "Man, I just can't seem to breath properly during these workouts..." He said, "I can tell." Nice. I must have been panting up a storm.

Although 360 watts sounds like a lot my watts/kg were not even close to Steve's until about five minutes to go. That just proves how much harder fat guys need to work in order to get up those hills.

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